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Twist Of Faith

Twist of Faith

One twist of Faith can change everything. 

Respecting her late grandmother’s will request, Katrina Witherspoon returns home to oversee the renovations of her childhood home. Convincing Nick, the handsome contractor, to accept the job is easy, but stopping herself from falling for him isn’t. Katrina is blindsided when she discovers her grandmother’s buried box of family secrets and wonders if Nick will be as forgiving when he learns the secret she’s been keeping from him. 

Nick Porter wants to refuse the renovation project offered by the beautiful owner of a chain of coffee shops, but her deal will ultimately save his business. Katrina shines a light in his heart that he’s kept dark for far too long. But when he finds out the truth, he fears his future with Katrina might be in jeopardy.

Romantic Comedy ~ Cozy Mystery ~ Summer

(Original Publication Title - Keeping Secrets)


“Darlene’s talent lies in writing romance with all the emotion you could possibly want without going over the top. She takes characters and breathes life into them. Her descriptive narration plunges the reader into the story.”


“What I love most about Darlene Fredette’s Redford Falls book series is the epic, plot twists in each book. I’m entertained from cover to cover because I can’t predict where her storyline will go next.”


"Kissed by Winter is a charming love story, reminiscent of a Hallmark movie.”


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